For those seeking a mega bass sound and a snappy snare, here comes Spirit, with its genuine walnut venneer.
Superb response and soulful sound.



Power Size cajóns were conceived in order to offer more resonance, deeper bass tone and added comfort while playing.
The result is the Power Cajóns models.
Most cajón brands offer the typical 30x30x50 cms size, because the prime material, birch plywood, comes in panels of 150×150 cms, therefore exceeding the standard cuts generates a lot of wasted wood.
However, we felt that the advantages of a bigger cajón would be highly appreciated by the public.
Mustang, Spirit and Fénix feature the same shell sizes, but the different venneers used for the front panel provide different sound shades: particularly bassy for Spirit, more pronounced on high frequencies for Fénix, and an overall balance on Mustang and José Montaña signature.

Sides : 9mm in 9 plies of first quality Birch
Back : 3 mm in 3 plies of first quality Birch
Front : 3 mm in 5 plies of KoskiPly® + genuine Walnut venneer
Finish: satin polyurethane lacquer
Snare system: 2 tunable independent steel strings with Removable Snare System

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 37 × 51 cm


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