Meet the next evolution of the cajón: the DrumBox Plus from De Gregorio. The DrumBox takes one of our top-of-the-line models and adds another snareless bass-plate to the side of the instrument.



CAJÓN DRUMBOX PLUS (pedal not included)

Applying Power Size to the DrumBox seemed the logical development in order to achieve a deeper and stronger bass tone, one that could actually match that of a bass drum.
Now many drumkit players have the option to replace their bass drum, save space on the stage, eliminate a drum stool, and most of all, play a great sounding cajón.
This model also features a simple yet innovative pedal

clamp, that holds itself directly onto heavy duty rubber feet, eliminating the stress on the cajón

coming from pedal action.
Using our patented DG Direct-Drive Cajón Pedal, you can play the bass-plate as an entirely separate kick drum, opening up a whole word of new sonic possibilities on the cajón.

Play the front-plate with your hands and use the pedal for accents, or set up a snare drum and hi-hat to create a unique, compact travel drumset. However you choose to play it, with the DG DrumBox the only limit is your imagination.

Size: 53 x 32 x 34 cm (20.9 x 12.6 x 18.9 ins)


Sides : 9mm in 5 plies of first quality Birch
Back : 3 mm in 3 plies of first quality Birch.
Front : 2.5 mm in 5 plies of Baltic Birch with Alpi Lignum venneer
Side beating surface: 3,5 mm in 3 plies of phenolic Birch
Snare system: 2 tunable independent steel strings with quick release device.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 37 × 51 cm


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