CAJÓN “23”

CAJÓN “23”




This cajón was designed to suit Manu Masaedo´s needs during the recording of his solo album  “23” produced by DG De Gregorio. Sometimes artists´endorsements may come and go, but their records are here to stay. Listen to one of the most talented cajoneros on the scene on his seminal CD, and you will notice a very recognizable cajón sound: dark and earthy, but also as crisp as it can get.
This instrument responds perfectly to all kind of dynamics, from “pianissimo” up to “destroyer”.
The special panel composition, and the reinforced structure, make this model the heavy weight champion.

Body 100% Birch

Size: 32x29x48 cm
Sides: 12 mm 9 plies
Front: 4 mm special Birch / Maple formula
Back: 6 mm 5 plies
Finish: polyurethanic matte

Snare system: 2 tunable independent steel strings with Removable Snare System and Velloc® overtone control strips



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