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Meet the next evolution of the cajón: the DrumBox from DeGregorio. The DrumBox takes our top-of-the-line Maestral cajón with its patented tunable, replaceable front-plate (“tapa”) and adds another non-stringed bass-plate to the side of the instrument. Using our patented DG Direct-Drive Cajón Pedal, you can play the bass-plate as an entirely separate kick drum, opening up a whole word of new sonic possibilities on the cajón.

Play the front-plate with your hands and use the pedal for accents, or set up a snare drum and hi-hat to create a unique, compact travel drumset. However you choose to play it, with the DG DrumBox the only limit is your imagination.

Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cm

Sides : 9mm in 5 plies of Baltic Birch
Back : 3 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch. Removable by means of 6 screws
Front : 2.5 mm in 5 plies of Baltic Birch with Alpi Lignum venneer
Side beating surface: 3 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch
Snare system: 2 tunable independent steel strings with quick release devicePedalSetUp1


Want even more portability from your DG DrumBox? The DrumBox Travel is always ready to go.
By using an ingenious removable back panel, we’ve designed an entire storage system for your DG Direct-Drive Cajón Pedal inside the body of the DrumBox. Now you can take everything you need for the gig in one compact, incredible sounding package- no extra hardware bags needed.DrumBox2

Blackwell copia John Blackwell with the DrumBox @ NAMM 2016



De Gregorio, in collaboration with Leiva Percussion, is proud to announce another industry first- the patented DG Direct-Drive Cajón Pedal. Our cajón pedal has been purpose built to be the fastest, most sensitive, and the most natural feeling cajón pedal on the market today.

Unlike cable-driven pedals which can feel slow and lack finesse, the DG Cajón Pedal uses a telescoping linkage to join the remote-pedal to the beater assembly, resulting in no loss of energy and a lightning-fast feel. Add to that our specially designed foam-rubber beater, and you have the first pedal to truly allow you to play your cajón like a bass drum.

The DG Cajón Pedal was designed for working professionals, so it’s built tough to withstand the rigors of the road; there are no delicate cables to worry about bending or breaking. And not only can the pedal be used with our patented DrumBox as well an other standard cajón, the setup can be switched from right-handed to left-handed with one screw.

Simply put, no other cajón pedal can match the feel, speed, and versatility of the DG Cajón Pedal.


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