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The Chanela is the result of years of research and work towards an instrument with extraordinarily sensitive snare response while maintaining the rich sound for which DG is known. This cajón includes a specially designed snare mechanism which doubles the number of snare-strings from the standard 4 to up to 8, resulting in breath-taking sensitivity, and the 2.5 mm front-plate is constructed of 5 ultra-thin plies of Baltic birch for unparalleled tone.

Each string is fine-tuned are secured with a super strong Velcro to eliminate unwanted buzz. Additionally, each snare mechanism can be easily removed to facilitate quick and simple string replacement.
The Chanela is available in six different finishes.

  • Chanela chanela_bottom chanela_corner chanela_top

  • Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cm

    Sides : 12 mm in 9 plies of Baltic Birch
    Back :
    6.0 mm in 5 plies of Baltic Birch
    Front :
    2.5 mm in 5 plies of Baltic Birch

    Developing the concept behind the patented snare system of the Zambo model, we created a detachable upper inner block, where the strings and the top screws rest.
    Since the bottom block is also removable, replacing a damaged string is now a simple operation, something that can be done in a few minutes with a simple screwdriver.

    Available in six different finishes.

Additional information

Dimensions 29 x 29 x 49 cm

Natural, Blue, Brown, Black, Red, Green


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